'Undeniable' Part 2 Review - Undeniably Unsatisfying Resolution To Claire Goose Thriller

TV REVIEW: Undeniably Unsatisfying...

So, Andrew Rawlins has had the blood test, and proved he's not the man who killed Anne Philips in front of her little girl Jane 23 years ago, right? Sorted?

You'd think so, except Jane wasn't letting it go just like that. Instead, we saw Claire Goose become more and more preoccupied and vengeful, to the point where I started feeling sorry for Andrew Rawlins - it was Peter Firth, after all - as well as the husband who was whispering with woe more than ever, and her own father whose grief she'd completely forgotten.

Peter Firth and Claire Goose in 'Undeniable'

Suddenly Jane was attacking Rawlins and he started hating her back, at which point it all stopped being subtle and interesting. I mean, why on earth would she take her injured daughter to the very hospital where he worked in the first place? Basically, it was clear they were ruining each other's lives. Something had to give.

And so it did, with Rawlins' ex-wife talking for the first time in 23 years and causing her daughter to get that same wild-eyed look in her eye as Claire Goose, and we had to deal with plot dingers - bone marrow transplant changing his DNA, well, of course - and three unlikely women conspiring to bring a man down. And that was kind of that, with Jane's husband returning home, presumably whispering how happy he was.



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