Insanely Useful Mac Keyboard Shortcuts You Never Knew Existed

Insanely Useful Mac Keyboard Shortcuts You Never Knew Existed

We've all been using computers for so long we've forgotten how to use them properly.

Or maybe we've just been spoiled by touchscreens designed for use by four-year-olds and cats.

Either way it's about time you worked out how to use that complex clicky thing sitting in front of your screen to make your life easier.

Over at HuffPost US they've gathered together a great list of Mac Keyboard Shortcuts you've probably never seen before - or if you have, you've probably forgotten.

Here are some of our favourites:

  • Command H: - Hides the current application and all of its windows. Ideal if your boss walks past unexpectedly.
  • Command Option M: minimises all your windows
  • Command F3: show desktop, so you can ignore all of your pending work
  • Option Shift F11/F12: Increase or decrease volume in smaller increments
  • When watching YouTube press 1,2,3… to move video on by 10 second increments

We recommend you head over there for their list - but if you want something more complete, check out this infographic designed by Fision

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