iPhone 6 Pictures: Front-Plate Of 4.7-Inch Phone Spotted

This Is The Front Of The All-New iPhone 6

The first pictures of the front of the iPhone 6 may have just turned up on Chinese social media.

The images, posted by iphon.fr, show a larger white iPhone front plate next to an iPhone 5.

The iPhone 6 has been rumoured for some time to be coming in two variant sizes, both larger than the current 4 inches. The 4.7-inch, pictured below, would be the smaller of the two. There would also be a larger 5.7-inches version defiantly positioned between the iPad and iPhone range.

There are no ways for us to verify the images, or to know if they were really taken inside a Chinese factory as supposed. There is also no what to know if their appearance means the iPhone 6 will be coming sooner than the current best guess for a release date, September 2014.

Still, it's a pretty intriguing glimpse at what very well might be your next phone.

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