Jeremy Paxman Slams The BBC: 'How Much Longer Are We Going To Test The Public's Patience?'

Jeremy Paxman has hit out at the BBC in a new interview, claiming they squander licence payers’ money.

The long-serving ‘Newsnight’ presenter says he thinks his employers have given senior staff too much money in pay-offs, and slammed the broadcaster’s Digital Media Initiative, claiming it was a waste of money.

Jeremy Paxman

“When I see people being given £1 million merely for walking out of the door, when I see £100 million being blown on that DMI thing - a stupid technical initiative like that - I start wondering: How much longer are we going to test the public’s patience?”

You might say that Jeremy’s comments were pretty poorly timed, as his interview was published on Wednesday, the same day the BBC announced they would be reviewing some of their biggest names’ salaries.

A spokesperson for the broadcaster said: “We know that our audiences expect the best talent to appear on the BBC. This review will be an opportunity to re-examine the market to make sure that we continue to attract and retain quality on-air talent whilst ensuring value for money for licence fee payers.”

Jeremy is among the network’s highest earners, along with presenters Graham Norton and Michael McIntyre, whose chat show was recently recommissioned for a second series.

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