Palcohol, Powdered Alcohol, Approved By US Prompting Hasty Re-Marketing Campaign

The US government go-ahead of a food product has prompted a rather hasty re-marketing campaign by its makers.

Since the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau approved the product, the wording of their website has changed somewhat.

Similar products are already available in Germany and Japan

Referring to what was previously on their website, the makers say:

"This site wasn't finished and ready for public viewing. Thus, the verbiage that was copied was still in draft mode and the labels that were up were incorrect. So please disregard what is being printed as a result of information taken from the earlier version of this site. The only correct information is below."

The site now has a very sensible tone and continues:

"Because Palcohol is powder and very light, you can take it just about anywhere to enjoy a cocktail! That's why we say: "Take your Pal wherever you go." Please use it responsibly and legally. Don't consume Palcohol and drive."

It also advises not snorting the powder, naturally.

Currently there are vodka and rum flavours as well as four cocktail flavours - Cosmopolitan, Mojito, Powderita - "tastes just like a Margarita" - and Lemon Drop.

Each sachet is the equivalent of one standard drink.

And just to be sure, the short website blurb ends:

"And lastly, we want to emphasize again, when Palcohol is available, to use it responsibly and legally."