Beyonce And Jay Z Are The Coolest (And Cutest) Couple At Coachella 2014

Beyonce And Jay Z Are The Coolest (And Cutest) Couple At Coachella 2014

Beyonce and Jay Z have been hanging out at weekend two of Coachella 2014 - weekend one just wasn't enough for these two superstars - and it's hardly surprising to see they've definitely claimed the top spot as the coolest couple at the festival (sorry Diane and Joshua.)

However, amongst all the backstage pics Beyonce has been posting on her Instagram page, we didn't quite expect to see these kind of adorable snaps. Er, cute or what?

That hug from her husband, her smile, her orange lipstick, the silk scarf in her hair... only Beyonce could share this kind of perfect photo and make us immediately go 'ahhhh.'

Don't worry, though. The singer isn't going all soppy on us. This second photo showed the couple in serious party spirit. Apparently an oversized camo print jacket and jet black nail polish are the only things to wear at a festival these days...

Then there's this one of Beyonce dancing the night away with her sister Solange. Now there's a dancefloor we'd loved to have been on...

Sadly, Coachella is over for another year, but let's just hope Beyonce and Jay Z's festival tour continues. Has anyone invited them to Glastonbury? Or Wireless? Or Secret Garden Party?

Missed all the fun from Palm Springs? See all the highlights from weekend two in the desert below:

Oh, and guess what? Beyonce and Jay might be touring together this summer. Hurrah! Watch below for all the latest news on our favourite music couple...


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