‘Britain's Got Talent' Star Lettice Rowbatham Turned Down ‘Made In Chelsea'

‘Britain's Got Talent’ violinist Lettice Rowbatham has revealed that she would have been on TV years ago if the ‘Made In Chelsea' bosses had their way.

The ‘BGT’ starlet, who received four yeses from the judges in Saturday’s show, has explained how ‘MIC’ execs offered her a part on the constructed reality TV series.

Lettice performs on 'BGT'

"They asked me if I wanted to join a couple of years ago and then again last year,” she told the Daily Star, before revealing her reason for saying no.

Let’s face it, the news that Lettice was asked to be on ‘MIC’ isn’t exactly shocking, especially given judge David Walliams' comment following Lettice’s audition.

“I think you might be the poshest contestant we've ever had on the show,” he told her.

The only other previous use of the golden buzzer was by Amanda Holden, who jumped out of her seat to press it and put salsa dancers Paddy and Nico through to the semis in the series’ first episode.

Joker David has acknowledged that he may not have made the right choice by pressing the buzzer, replying to a Twitter user with the message: “It’s been a difficult 24 hours.”

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