Katy Perry New Video: 'Birthday' Clip Sees Singer Sport Disguises To Promote For Fourth 'Prism' Single

Katy Perry is trying something different in the video for her new single ‘Birthday’, and is unrecognisable as she dons on a number of different costumes.

In the video, which will be revealed in full later this week, Katy disguises herself as various party entertainers including ‘Goldie’, an aging dancer, and ‘Kriss the Clown’, described in a preview as “the World’s Worst Birthday Entertainers”.

Katy Perry under her various disguises

She also plays the part of a princess and an animal trainer named ‘Ace’.

During the taping of the music video, Katy actually went undercover at birthday parties and performed as these characters, in keeping with the “birthday” theme of the song.

She has said the video is a departure from some of her more recent videos - such as ‘Roar’ and ‘Dark Horse’ - and has explained that she wanted to show a different side, non-"sexy" side.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Katy dressing up in a video, as in the ‘Last Friday Night’ clip she played the role of ‘Kathy Beth Terry’, a nerdy girl who attends a wild house party.

For the promo clip for ‘The One That Got Away’, the singer donned facial prosthetics to play an elderly version of herself.

‘Birthday’ will act as the fourth single from Katy’s latest album ‘Prism’, following on from her previous releases 'Roar’, ‘Unconditionally’ and ‘Dark Horse’.

The video for ‘Dark Horse’ proved controversial after some Muslim critics believed imagery used in the video was blasphemous.

Watch Katy’s amazing transformations for yourself in the ‘Birthday’ preview below...

Amazing Star Transformations

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