Kylie Minogue Moves Back To Australia To Be Closer To Her Family

Kylie Reveals Why She's Moved Back To Australia

Kylie Minogue has revealed why she's decided to move back to Australia, stating that it is so she can be closer to her family.

Despite having lived mainly in London since the 1990s, the pop starlet has made the decision to return to her native Australia and has said the death of her grandmother last year was a major factor in her decision.

Kylie Minogue

She told Australian magazine TV Week: “Unfortunately, I wasn't there and it was obviously difficult and emotional. I wish I could have been here for my parents.”

The ‘Sexercize’ singer also revealed that her decision to bring a hand-bag on stage with her during her time on ‘The Voice’ wasn’t just so she could keep an eye on her texts and have a packet of mints to hand, it was actually a tribute to her late grandmother.

She explained: “My nana would never go anywhere without her handbag. It was the 'nana clutch’.

“That was the reason I took my handbag onstage, the first person in ‘The Voice’ history to go on stage carrying a handbag!”

Kylie also described how she was happy to be back in Australia, where she was born and first found fame as an actress on ‘Neighbours’, saying: "My life has been based at the other end of the world for a long time now. I am hoping this is one positive step in being able to spend more time in Australia and being closer to them."

Kylie recently confirmed that she would not be returning to the UK series of ‘The Voice’, but is now coaching on the Australian version of the show, alongside Ricky Martin, Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden and fellow UK mentor

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