Shocking CCTV Shows Mum Pushing Baby In Pram Onto Railway Tracks (Video)

The shocking moment a mother pushed a pram with her baby inside onto railway tracks was caught on CCTV.

Images show the mum having a row with the baby's father before she pushes the pram towards the edge of the platform. It then topples onto the tracks as the couple do nothing to stop it.

Thankfully, police said that although the incident looks dreadful, the two-month-old wasn't harmed.

The incident happened in the Leninsky district of Yekaterinburg, the fourth-largest city in Russia, located on the border of Europe and Asia.

The baby's mother, Valentina Belousov, 29, is being kept in hospital while a decision is made about his living situation.

The mum, who earns money by playing flute as a street musician on the streets of Yekaterinburg, has repeated many times that she did not want to harm her child, and wants him back.

She told a local television channel: "It just got too much for me, but it took this to make me realise that I needed help and I'm now going to fight for my son."

Social worker Marianne Denisova said that she visited the boy's home after the incident and found that conditions there were not suitable for bringing up a child.

She said: "It looked as if nobody had cleaned in there for years and it was totally unsuitable environment for a young baby to be raised in.

"Together with the incident involving the train track, this led to the boy being temporarily taken into care."

She added: "If she cleans up the flat and demonstrates that she really does want the child, then it is possible that he will be returned to her.

"But she needs to guarantee that she can provide the proper care and love that he needs."