‘EastEnders': Terry Alderton To Leave Show As On-Screen Wife Patsy Palmer Exits

‘EastEnders’ actor Terry Alderton has announced that he’s going to be leaving the BBC One soap following his on-screen wife Patsy Palmer’s decision to quit.

The actor joined the cast last September and stars as Bianca’s boyfriend, who is also called Terry.

Terry Alderton has decided to decamp the Square

He has taken to Twitter to explain why he’s leaving, telling fans that Patsy’s exit has led to plot changes.

“So, I'm leaving EastEnders in July :@( unfortunately Patsy leaving has changed things in the story. It's very sad but it's been a great ride,” he wrote.

Terry is remaining upbeat despite the news, and teased fans with confirmation that his character isn’t responsible for Lucy Beale’s death.

“Terry Spraggan's not the killer! X,” he wrote, adding: “Or is he?... :@).”

The identity of Lucy Beale’s murderer isn’t going to be revealed any time soon, but that hasn’t stopped the show’s cast from trying to guess the identity of the killer.

Newcomer Lee Carter is currently suspect number one, though Lucy’s pal Lauren and her dad Max are also set to be investigated by police.

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