Obama 'Bows' To Japanese Robot, US Right Wing Appears To Be Furious For Some Reason

Several right-wing American websites appear to be furious that President Obama has bowed to a foreign diplomat.

A foreign robot diplomat.

Obama kicked off his tour of Asia by saying hello to the latest version of Asimo, Honda's humanoid robot advanced motorised personality at the Miraikan Science Expo in Tokyo.

Here is the picture of the offending bow:

Obama also took the time to play a brief game of soccer with the robot, while also vowing to defend Japan in the event of an attack by China.

But the American online right wing appeared to take the moment rather badly. Firebrand blog and occasionally satirical website Drudge Report posted the following headline:

While Brietbart also made sure to make fun of Obama's noble attempt to push forward human-robot relations.

In fact the headline is probably just a reference to the notorious moment in 2009 when Obama appeared to bow to the king of Saudi Arabia in London, taken by his opponents as a sign of weakness.

But with robots set to take over almost 40% of American jobs in the next few decades, this might one day be regarded as a key moment in the history of diplomacy.

"It's nice to meet you, too," Obama apparently said to the robot.

"I can really run fast" the robot then said. "I can kick a soccer ball, too." Which it then did, before Obama trapped it deftly under his sole. The robot then did some jumps.

Whether or not Obama has done enough with this act of diplomatic power wrangling to secure humanity a place in the coming robot nightmare apocalypse is unclear.

On the other hand, if there's one thing Obama has done since taking office in 2009 is meet a hell of a lot of robots.

Here are some of his finest moments with their kind: