Steampunk Star Wars Reveal Yoda, Darth Vader & Princess Leia As You've Never Seen Them Before (PICTURES)

13 Out Of This World Steampunk Star Wars Hybrids (PICTURES)

What do you get if you give Han Solo a sci-fi/ Victoriana makeover?

A dashing space hero in google specs smoking a pipe, obviously.

Welcome to Steampunk Star Wars – a project by artist Bjorn Hurri.

Hurri tells Huffington Post UK he began drawing the characters after references to the hybrids began cropping up on an online forum.

He said: “Initially I thought I should do one or two sketches but it ended up with me updating that thread with many characters.

“The weekly challenge ended up being very successful and spanning many months with a huge amount of people transferring my designs into 3D models. It was great to see!

“Next on the list is Darth Maul.”

Combining elements of history with modern technology, the term "steampunk" was coined in 1987 by sci-fi writer Kevin Jeter, as a means of separating the “Victorian-style speculative fiction” from the "cyberpunk" movement epitomised by William Gibson and Bruce Bethke.

Boba Fett

Steampunk Star Wars

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