Chelsee Healey And Kym Marsh Both Suffer Fashion Fails In Jumpsuits At Miss Manchester Competition (PICS)

Jumpsuits? No, Not Really, Girls.

Here's a quick Friday riddle for you. What can be both too much and also not enough? Give up? That'll be Chelsee Healey's jumpsuit.

The 'Waterloo Road' actress was spotted in this *checks notes* ensemble on Thursday as she arrived at Manchester's Palace Hotel to judge the Miss Manchester competition.

The glamour!

Chelsee Healey

Two words Chelsee: cheap fabric. And here's another: bunching.

And the former 'Strictly' contestant wasn't the only schleb getting in on the (ill-advised) jumpsuit action - Kym Marsh was at it too, AT THE SAME EVENT!

Kym Marsh

The 'Corrie' star opted for an embellished, flared number and whilst she wasn't flashing as much flesh as Chelsee (save for a bit of back and tat), she definitely outdid her fellow actress in the big hair stakes.

Dolly Parton would be proud.

Bet she wouldn't be seen in either outfit, though.

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