10 Australian Films You'll Have Heard Of, Plus 7 Screen Goodies From Down Under You Might Not!

'Tracks' is the latest Australian film to hit cinemas, telling the tale of one woman's lonely journey across the outback.

In 1977, Robyn Davidson was 27 when she decided to trek 2,000 miles across the sprawling Australian desert on a journey of self-discovery. She had just four camels and a pet dog, and her mission... to find herself.

She had no desire to be famous, yet the autobiographical account of her extraordinary journey turned her life story into a modern Australian legend, and now a big-budget international film.

'Tracks' proves once again that Australian filmmakers do it best when they decide, not to try to ape other countries' styles and themes, but dip into their own culture, climate, concerns and humour for their cinema. The result are some of the most memorable films of the past generation.

Mel Gibson was iconic as maverick lawman 'Mad Max'

In our list is proof of this, with a handful of films that became hits across the world, plus a smaller handful of Aussie gems that didn't, but should have done, and you MUST see if you get the chance.

See what you think, and let us know... is there something we've missed?

'Tracks' is at UK cinemas from today, Friday 25 April.

Crocodile Dundee - Paul Hogan as the archetypal Antipodean hero

The Best Australian Films...