This 1983 Atari In-House Promo Tape Is Hilarious, And Slightly Heartbreaking

Lost Tape Proves Atari Did NOT See The 1983 Video Games Crash Coming

As recent events in the desert have reminded us, 1983 wasn't a great year for video games in general - or Atari in particular.

Now known as the "great video games crash", it was the year that financial speculation and profit margins finally met with reality. Millions of unsold, poorly made games doomed the leading lights of games to destruction, and the market barely recovered arguably until the late 1980s or 1990s.

Of course, Atari didn't see it coming. And the video above is a great example. This is a clip made by Realtime Video Productions for Atari in 1983 that looked at its prospects for the second quarter, and revelled in its own technical and creative mastery. You know, the mastery that came up with ET.

Anyway, it's fascinating, both for its classic 1980s visuals and the fact that -- in the corporate PR department at least -- no one could see that making terrible, poorly rendered remakes of arcade games, and then printing more copies than the amount of consoles ever sold, was going to cost everyone their jobs.


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