Yellowstone Super Volcano Won't Erupt Say Experts, If They're Wrong We're All Doomed

Rumours of an impending eruption have been circulating online spurred by a video of bison "fleeing" the national park in the US state of Wyoming.

The park sits atop a massive volcano that measures 34 by 45 miles which las erupted 640,000 years ago.

The super-volcano has erupted three times in the past

Adding to the online panic was a 4.8 magnitude earthquake, the biggest to hit the area in three decades.

Volcanologists are keen to quash the rumours.

Peter Cervelli, a volcano expert at the US Geological Survey, said: "It was the strongest in 30 years, but it was not that strong.

"Recently, over the last six months, we are in an episode of uplift. This probably explains the recent earthquake.

"I have not made yet an observation at Yellowstone that causes me to be afraid or causes me to wonder if an eruption was coming."

And what about the mysterious behaviour of the animals?

Yellowstone spokesman Al Nash, said: "We do have bison, elk and other animals that have moved out of the park recently.

"They tend to migrate at this time... to lower elevations, where they think they can get food, and then they come back."

So, we can all calm down - unless he experts are wrong in which case WE'RE ALL DOOMED!!!.

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