London Tube Strike Doesn't Deter Commuters Who Take To Boris Bikes

London commuters have defied the first day of disruption wrought by the 48-hour tube strike, coming up with creative ways to complete their journeyers - including renting out Boris Bikes.

The strike has prompted a huge surge in the number of the bikes - named for the mayor the unions blame for causing the disruption - being rented out by people in the capital.

Between 9pm on Monday and 10am on Tuesday, a total of 14,000 of the bikes were rented out, which is a 60% increase on the typical number of the period, The Daily Telegraph reported.

In scenes reminiscent of the strike in February, major tube stations were rammed with people and giant queues formed for buses.

Once again, vintage green buses were called out to help transport people.

But parts of the interior did not inspire confidence for some passengers.

People could console themselves with the thought that massive bus queues due to industrial action in Lonond are nothing new, or even recent - as this photo from 1960 shows.

People queue for a bus during a rail strike in February 1960