Will Nintendo Make a Smartphone?


Nintendo isn't having the best time of it at the moment - no matter how cool Mario Kart 8 looks. With stalling sales of its Wii U console and a severe dearth of games for the living room machine on the horizon, it's looking a little bleak for the Japanese gaming giant's future.

On the other hand, with a stable of beloved characters and a gaming legacy few could match, they also seem only one or two innovations away from a return to true greatest.

One of the most frequent solutions proposed by outsiders is that Nintendo considers getting into smartphones. Usually they mean that Nintendo release Mario games for the iPhone - but some have even wondered if Nintendo should make its own phone devices.

They probably won't - Nintendo has never made a good OS, and mobile phones come with a host of challenges that make a practical assault on the market so expensive as to be almost out of the question.

On the other hand...

Above is a short video which looks at the possibility in a fresh light and concludes that maybe - just maybe - a Nintendo Phone is something that could exist -- even if it's even harder to see how it would be something you'd want to buy.

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