30/04/2014 19:14 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Photographer Captures Beautiful Reality Of Mothers' Bodies

A photographer has captured the beautiful reality of mothers' bodies in all their un-photoshopped glory.

Stretchmarks, saggy tummies, loose skin and swollen breasts all feature in A Beautiful Body Project: The Bodies of Mothers by US photographer Jade Beall.

And accompanying the photographs of 80 women who volunteered to be photographed nude or semi-nude are their stories of how giving birth changed them.


Some said that they initially found their new bodies with their stretch marks and loose skin 'repulsive' but after time, came to appreciate their strength and beauty.

Jade, who lives in Arizona, said she suffered from poor self-image all of her life, but that it was only after she become pregnant that she began to love her body.

After giving birth she once again fell into a trough of self-loathing and became obsessed with losing weight. But when she posted a nude self-portrait online that showed her breastfeeding her baby son it went viral and was shared around the world.

Jade then decided to create a series of photos showing 'real' and inspiring women of all different ages, shapes and sizes, saying that she hoped to inspire future generations of woman to embrace their beauty just as they are.

In the preface to her book – which she funded through the website Kickstarter – Jade writes: "We joyously present you with this revolutionary concept and global bodypositive and self-love movement: that one need not be photoshopped to be beautiful.

"One need not be anyone but one's own self to be lovely and lovable. One need not buy a thing to 'improve' or 'change' their irreplaceable preciousness.

"Scars, rolls, bones, big or small breasts, wrinkles all tell a story, the 'I Am Beautiful' story.

"Thin and voluptuous women; young and old women; dark-skinned and pale women; the one legged and no-legged women; yes all women beautiful on the inside are equally and authentically beautiful on the outside!

"There is no one else like you. Our variety and differences give greater meaning and depth to the concept of what beautiful truly is! We need you. I need you. You belong here. You are beautiful."

A Body Beautiful Project: The Bodies of Mothers by Jade Beall, £30.20, is released on May 11 and is available to pre-order on