Rihanna's Topless Pictures Banned From Instagram, Shares Them On Twitter Instead (VIDEO)

Rihanna was left unimpressed this week after being forced to remove semi-naked pictures from her Instagram account.

The Bajan star posed topless for the French magazine Lui, and later proudly posted the finished - and uncensored - product online.

We’ll leave this one to your imagination, but you get the idea...

However, the pictures were swiftly removed from her official Instagram page because they violated the app’s rules about nudity, which state: “If you wouldn’t show the photo or video you are thinking about uploading to a child, or your boss, or your parents, you probably shouldn’t share it on Instagram.”

TMZ are reporting that RiRi was then sent an email from Instagram warning her to keep her clothes on in future or she could find her account permanently shut down.

Somehow we find it hard to imagine that Rihanna’s next selfie will feature her sipping a cup of tea and wearing a cardigan buttoned all the way up to the top…

Obviously annoyed by the site's decision, she then mocked their strict nudity rules by uploading this photo:

The star was clearly adamant that her fans should get to see her oiled up bod and ever-so-slightly sore-looking nipple piercing, and posted the pictures to her Twitter page instead.

Rihanna had previously been snapped by paparazzi while in the middle of the photo shoot earlier this month, showing off her tan-lines while not wearing any bottoms on a balcony.

Meanwhile, she later put in a rare clothes-on appearance at the MTV Movie Awards, where she got people talking with her white ensemble.

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