'Secret' Launched In UK: What Is It, Why Should You Care?

Most people don't find it too difficult to share gossip with each other - Facebook, the telephone or normal human-to-human interfacing ('conversation') all work perfectly well.

Techies, on the other hand, seem to need a bit of help. Which is where Secret comes in.

This is the gossip/lies sharing iPhone app which has either (a) taken "Silicon Valley by storm!" or (b) not really been used that much by anyone.

Well now it's been released in the UK, and the prospect of sharing various rumours about each other in new and even more cowardly ways has a certain section of the tech community all worked up.

The way the app works is simple. You sign in and can see posts from people you know, or who are a friend of a friend. The posts are aggressively mean, speculative and - therefore - quite interesting.

But nobody knows who you are, and you can post with no risk (in theory) of being identified. Here are some fun examples, none of which can be verified.

(Depending on what you post, of course. Comments on your bosses body odour when you sit directly in front of them, and no one else uses the app, might not be totally in keeping with Moscow Rules.)

If that sounds like something you'd be into the app should be appearing in the App Store soon in the UK, as well as Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Let's see if it gets picked up and used. Some - like the Daily Dot - seem to think London and its "churlish tabloid hacks eager to discover sexual infelicities and financial impropriety" are perfect for it. Others - such as the millions who still don't know it exists, or already get their fill of bitchy unsubstantiated rumour from every other media publication and social interaction with which they engage - aren't quite sure.

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