30/04/2014 05:19 BST | Updated 30/04/2014 05:59 BST

Wireless Armour Boxer Shorts Protect Your Sperm From Damaging Radiation. Apparently.

There's an English gent who wants to protect your testicles.


He wants you to wear his pants.

Not ones he's worn, but some that he and some friends have designed.

Called 'Wireless Armour', the range of boxer shorts are designed to fend off electromagnetic radiation given off by mobile devices so your sperm remain relatively useful.

They do this by incorporating a mesh of pure silver woven into each pair, essentially turning your briefs into a Faraday Cage.

It should be pointed out that despite the maker's "shock" at the amount of research proving mobile devices can lower sperm count, it is widely accepted that research is as yet fairly inconclusive.

The silver also has the added benefit of being anti-micro bacterial so could stay fresher longer.

Want some? You can back the project on Indiegogo for a minimum of £14.

Make sure you watch the video first though...