01/05/2014 12:04 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

10 Instagram Accounts To Make Your Day Better

Having a rough day? Never fear Instagram is here to help! Seriously, it is possible to cheer yourself up in an instant if you know where to look on your social media feed.

While Instagram normally comes with a dose of celebrity life envy, we've managed to side step these sad-making pitfalls and unearth the accounts which will actually bring a real life and totally not jealous (well, maybe a little) smile to your face.

We've already got to grips with the people to follow if you're looking to kick start that healthy eating regime you've had on pause since like forever, but this is just for fun... With a side dose of #foodporn just because.
A quick flick through the gallery above just goes to show what us girls are really after on Instagram... And it's not an endless stream of duck pout selfies.

Here's the bare bones of a good Instagram account:

1. Shopping. Whether it's recent buys, outfit inspo or candid shots of men looking slightly more than slightly disgruntled in Topshop while waiting for the woman in their life to choose the right shoes to go with her new dress, anything shopping and/or apparel based is a winner.

2. Miniature photography. We hope we're not alone in our obsession with snaps of toys pretending to be real life people. Chewbacca weresting a dandelion? Priceless.

3. Paris. Live in Paris? You've got an excellent Instagram account ready for you on a plate.

4. Food. Speaking of plates food is a big hit. Because let's face it, a girl gotta eat.

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