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'Derek' Episode 2 Review: Ricky Gervais's Comedy Drama Finds Kev After Dougie's Job

'Derek's second episode concentrated on Broad Hall's search for a new caretaker following the resignation of Dougie.

There was already an incumbent, truculent Jeff - whose DNA can be traced all the way to Gareth in 'The Office'. But Derek was fixated on Kev becoming Dougie's successor, even if this involved, in no particular order, Kev having to brush his teeth twice a day, going to AA, saying he wanted to be there, and wearing a tie and, most sweetly, explaining why he wanted the job - "I just want to be near you, and Derek, and my friends," he explained.

Derek was supporting his pal Kev through a career change

His job interview also had elements of 'The Office' about it, embarrassing silences and all, but with such a rich well from which to draw, that's no bad thing. And, after all, Ricky Gervais has proved he's a bit more than a one-trick pony, so can afford the odd revisit.

Meanwhile, Derek and Kev were moving into their new home - a caravan donated by Jacks' grandson, who spent the rest of the show sitting on the receiving end of Derek's wisdom - why is it rich people, not poor people, get access to tax advisers? Why isn't sitting in a care home the best job in the world? What's more important to Jack's grandson than spending time with his grandfather, and why can't he remember the fishing lessons his grandfather taught him?

...And a new home to boot

It was all pretty simplistic stuff, but of the kind that never normally gets an airing on prime-time telly, or without Ricky Gervais's determination to confound the doubters and convey his message about the reward of kindness. Which, when you think of all the offers he must get on a daily basis, is, in itself, a gesture of enormous generosity and not to be undervalued… between all the ovulation calendars and Kev's bizarre caravan antics.

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