01/05/2014 10:56 BST | Updated 01/05/2014 11:59 BST

Mario Kart 8: Three New Courses Revealed Ahead Of May 30 Release Date (Plus Screenshots!)


As should be abundantly clear by this point, we can't wait for Mario Kart 8.

Which is handy, as the game is now officially less than a month away.

Yesterday Nintendo dropped a huge amount of new info about the game, including details on new items, modes and tracks as well as how the online element of the game works.

We recommend ploughing through the whole half-hour video over here to get a full sense of what's in store.

Luckily we also have a few more specific details about three courses from the game which we haven't yet seen, and also the new battle mode.

Check out the videos below:

Mount Wario

Mount Sunshine Airport


Battle Mode