01/05/2014 07:38 BST | Updated 01/05/2014 07:59 BST

Sony Cassette Tapes Can Hold A Whopping 185 Terabytes Of Data

Exciting news retro-tech fans - cassette tapes are coming back.

Well, obviously they're a little different from the WWF All Stars 'Wrestlemania' you listened to on your Walkman as a kid (only me?).

Sony have created magnetic tape that can store a whopping 148 gigabits per square inch meaning each cassette can store 185 terabytes of data.

There are no plans to make an accompanying Walkman but the behemoth storage devices will be handy for organisations looking for a long-term back-up solutions.

Current equivalents can only hold a paltry 2.5 terabytes.

The tape is made using a process called sputter deposition which involves firing argon ions at a polymer film substrate to create layers of incredibly small magnetic crystal particles.

Sony will officially present the technology at the Intermag Europe 2014 beginning 4 May.