'Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare' Will Star Kevin Spacey, Also Guns

The next Call of Duty video game has been unveiled - and it's starring Kevin Spacey.

The unnervingly accurate recreation of the House of Cards actor is seen in the first trailer for the new game, which is set to be released on all formats at the end of 2014.

Spacey stars as the head of a non-governmental elite military force, which apparently 'goes rogue' with catastrophic consequences in the game's story.

The new CoD is said to focus on futuristic (ie non-existent) military tech, including jump packs, exoskeletons and cloaking devices. The trailer was revealed on Thursday after it was leaked on gaming sites.

"Power determines who is right," Spacey says in the trailer, moving with the uncanny awkwardness that only a digital 3D puppet can. "I have the power, so I'm right."