Kelly Brook Covers Cosmopolitan's Body Magazine And Looks Incredible

Kelly Brook, that model gal engaged to the mega pumped David McIntosh, is fronting the latest issue of Cosmopolitan Body and let's just say she looks amazing.

The 34-year-old model and TV personality is flaunting her fabulous figure in a floral print bikini and talks about her love of working out with the mag. Plus she shares her confidence-boosting mantras for feeling incredible all the time *notes them all down!*

Check out this sneak peek Instagram photo she shared with the caption: "Cosmopolitan BODY #OutNow #Curves"

Kel is definitely on top of her game right now. The lady never looked happier or healthier so clearly her workout plan and all that clean eating pays off. And having a personal trainer fiance must come in handy.

In her interview with the mag Kel reveals: "I've got rolls and boobs and I don't ever want to change." Not only that but she also shares her ultimate workout moves.

"Weightlifting makes me feel stronger and sexier" says Kel. There's no doubt that strong is the new skinny and it doesn't mean bulking up big time, so we're following Kelly's lead on the #fitspiration front.

Yes she's summer ready but we suspect that she's also keeping trim ahead of her big day. Kelly Brook walking down the aisle is sure to be a big deal.

LOVE LA BROOK? Take a look through the lady's style file in our gallery below...

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