'Prey' Episode 2 Review - John Simm Takes A Leaf Out Of Jason Bourne's Book

The second episode of 'Prey' found DI Marcus Farrow (John Simm) taking a leaf out of Jason Bourne's book - singlehandedly running a murder investigation, which was quite an achievement considering he was also avoiding, fugitive style, all his former colleagues and bosses, which seemed to constitute half a city police force, and a chopper to boot.

John Simm - a master of disguise in 'Prey'

The bad news was the man seemingly up to his neck in his conspiracy was his own erstwhile best chum, Sean Devlin. Actor Craig Parkinson in 'Line of Duty' was a tour de force, but he might want to think about typecasting before he accepts any more dodgy copper gigs.

Rosie Cavaliero plays a distracted but tireless pursuer DI Susan Reinhardt

The better news for Farrow was the police officer assigned to his case, the comically distracted DI Susan Reinhardt, who seemed equally busy scoffing croissants and stalking her ex-husband's Facebook page.

If her tooth-picking fumbling seemed somewhat unbelievable, it made for some light relief in between the relentless ducking and diving going on with Farrow, as John Simm did a fine job of a rabbit running from the headlights, his physicality an equal match for his loose cannon desperation.

John Simm in 'Prey'