UFO Conspiracy Claims This Rock 'Face' Is Proof Of Underground Alien Base. Um...

Some People Think This Rock 'Face' Is Proof Of Underground Alien Base

Hey guys, some American chap has found indisputable proof that aliens exist.

Here it is...

See? The face? The face that is indisputable proof that aliens exist? The face that is indisputable proof that aliens exist and is a marker for their secret underground base?

In his post at UFO Sightings Daily, he says: "Its obvious that some kind of cloaking technology is at play here, hiding the mountain faces from Google Earth map.

"This cloaking tech may even manipulate peoples thoughts when around the faces, to subconsciously force them to reject the notion of it being a real face.

"Don't underestimate alien tech and its abilities. They are ahead of us by millions of years of tech innovations."

Or Scott, perhaps it's because the satellites used to take images for Google Earth are, by their very nature as satellites, high in the sky and as such are incapable of photographing the side of mountains, hence the stretched or 'cloaked' appearance...

Scott adds: "Also, don't allow others to intimidate you by telling you what something isn't. If you know what it is, then stick by your guns and don't back down.

"Fear of embarrassment is a key psychologic strategy that the US gov uses to keep the alien existence hidden."

So basically, if you have a wildly incorrect assumption based upon nothing but your own deluded fantasies and fuelled by paranoia then whatever you do DON'T LET ANYONE TELL YOU YOU'RE CRAZY!


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