06/05/2014 14:59 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

This Teenager Proves How Throwing A House Party Can Easily Go Wrong

House parties (the ones where hundreds of teenagers turn up at a huge pad, drink out of plastic cups and end up falling off tables) only happen in films, don't they?

So we thought, but on Friday night in Brampton, Ontario, one teen threw a real-life movie party at his parents home.

The guest list? Approximately 2,000 of his school chums. The Twitter hashtag? #MansionParty. The damage? $70,000 in house repairs. Yes, really.

"I told my son he could have some friends over," the son's mother said. Er, we bet she is desperately regretting those words now.

If you've ever wondered what a house party with thousands of guests looks like, here's a couple of snapshots from the night:

One party-goer said to The Record, "I have seen something like this in the movies, but never in real life."

"There were hundreds of people here. Some people were climbing over ladders and smashing the windows. Some were drinking. Everyone wanted to get inside."

So - did the host get away with it? Er no - in fact the party didn't exactly last that long. The Daily Mail reports 60 police had turned up at the Ontario mansion by 9:30pm and were surprised to find no one was injured.

The Mail confirmed "assault and public intoxication charges," were made but police were worried about what might have happened if they hadn't put a stop to it.

"There was a potential, a real potential for something to happen, something deadly," Constable Thomas Ruttan told CTV Toronto.

Suddenly, inviting just a few of our nearest and dearest round for drinks sounds like the best idea ever.

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