07/05/2014 07:10 BST | Updated 07/05/2014 08:59 BST

Eminem Barred From Performing At Hyde Park... Because The Queen Doesn't Like His Music?

Eminem fans were delighted when it was confirmed that the US rapper would be performing at Wembley Stadium this summer, however, the latest reports suggest he was lined up for Hyde Park’s British Summer Time festival - until the Royal Family vetoed the plan.

All acts playing at the festival must be granted permission by The Royal Parks organisation - headed by the Royal Family - and it seems the Firm wasn't too pleased with the idea of the expletive-loving rapper headlining the event.

Eminem at the MTV Music Awards 2014

Ahead of the announcement of the ‘Slim Shady’ rapper’s Wembley gig, a source told The Mirror: “Eminem is a controversial artist, whose lyrics have been accused of being homophobic, provocative and pretty sweary.

“So there has been some debate about whether The Royal Parks will rubber-stamp any agreement to play there.”

“He’s a huge name, and would be a great draw for fans, but it may not be the right image for the parks if he’s effing and blinding on stage,” they added.

Eminem has now confirmed that he's going to be performing Wembley Stadium by posting an image with the phrase "never mind Hyde Park" emblazoned across it on his Instagram account.

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The news that Eminem was deemed too risque for the BST Festival comes just weeks after it was confirmed that the Libertines would be reuniting and performing there.

Rockers Black Sabbath and ‘The Voice’ judge Tom Jones are also performing at the London event.

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