07/05/2014 08:33 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Gotham: First Trailer For Batman TV Show (Starring Ryan From The OC)

Gotham - a new tv series focusing on how Batman came to be Batman - has released its first trailer.

And guess what OC fans? You are about to lose. Your. Shit. Because the main character Jim Gordon - AKA the guy with the moustache Gary Oldman plays in the films - is being filled by none other than Benjamin McKenzie. You probably know him better as Ryan Attwood from The OC.

Already - just from watching this trailer - we can see massive similarities between the two characters. There's McKenzie looking moody. McKenzie trying to save someone. McKenzie making up for hang zero dialogue by just looking at stuff intensely. It's classic Ryan Attwood.

Also, even if you weren't mad about The OC, this still looks like a damn good watch. The premise is this is Gotham before Bruce Wayne became Batman and explores how he and all his nemeses came to be. How did one city produce mega villains like The Penguin, Poison Ivy and Catwoman?

Truly, if you've ever wondered when watching The Dark Knight Rises just how a single place can mess up its population so much, Gotham has the answers. Hurrah! Although don't celebrate too much. This is dark stuff, okay?

Like Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, everything seems to have been shot through a muddy filter and there's a general film noir vibe about the show.

We're guessing McKenzie will be its steady constant while a bunch of other people make cameos as famous villains before they were famous villains. The question is, will he adopt Christian Bale's gruff-whisper-voice for the part? We're assuming yes.

Gotham will air in the US this autumn and it has yet to be announced if it will be broadcast in the UK.


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