07/05/2014 08:15 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Julia Roberts And Sally Field Star In The Best Swear Off You'll Ever See

Steel Magnolias stars Julia Roberts and Sally Field were reunited on Jimmy Kimmel's talk show on Monday night. Were they there for a catch-up and a nostalgic trip down memory lane? Er, no.

"We are honoured to have both Sally Field and Julia Roberts on the show tonight, and it's also an opportunity to find out which of these incredibly talented women has the foulest mouth," Kimmel said as he introduced the two stars.

"Cover your ears, America, because it's time for our first ever Celebrity Curse-Off!"

The rules? Each contestant was given five seconds to come up with a curse word. No repeats were allowed and whoever failed to think of a swear word lost the competition. A little bit harsh but it makes for excellent viewing!

So - can Julia Roberts talk dirty? Yes she most definitely can, but it turns out Sally Field (aka the mum in Mrs Doubtfire) can also hold her own when it comes to a swear off. In fact, Field beat Roberts hands down. Who would have thought?

Don't believe us? Watch below and be prepared to see two of Hollywood's most famous actresses totally disgrace themselves... in a brilliant way...