Dating Advice: First Date Tips For Men As Told By Our Readers And Editors

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Men, you'd think first date advice is a no-brainer. Don't dress like a tramp, offer to pay for the first round of drinks and do not, under any circumstances think it's okay to making honking noises at a woman's breasts. (Fact: this actually happened).

Yet getting the balance right is surprisingly difficult for some.

The first place you might going wrong is by asking the wrong people for advice.

Forget the happily marrieds - their idea of a date has long since dwindled to box sets and a takeaway. Your other single mates are probably just going to palm off advice that isn't working for them (hint: they're still single). Going off grid is equally dangerous: you just may think that tonight's the night to crack open a bottle of Sex Panther.

Dating expert Sarah Abell says location is key: "A drink in a quiet bar, a quick supper or lunch in a little place you know are great ideas. The advantage of keeping the first date short and simple is that if you don’t like each other, you haven’t got to make it through a seven-course meal together."

As for conversation, steer clear of politics where possible (declaring your love for Ukip for instance), immigration and your ex. Instead, says, ask about her.

"Taking an interest in her life, job or anything else that she likes to talk about is a must for first date conversations. Yes, women like to talk about themselves, but they also want the guy to show genuine interest in what they’re saying to gain a bigger picture of who they are."

We asked our readers and HuffPost Editors for some dos and don't on the first date. Let us know your suggestions in the comments below!

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