08/05/2014 13:44 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

When Does Orange Is The New Black Series Two Start In The UK?

Orange Is The New Black will be available on Netflix from June 6 and fans will be able to stream the entire series.

Even if you're not that into television, it has been impossible to avoid the show since huge success of the first series when it came out last year.

Based on the memoir of Piper Kerman, it follows the journey of ultimate WASP Piper Chapman - played by Taylor Schilling - who ends up in prison for smuggling drug money for her ex-girlfriend years previously.

It's got everything - romance, break-ups, make-ups, drugs, scandal, amazing female characters and some pretty incredible villains too, notably a prison guard who goes by the name of Pornstache.

If you haven't watched the first series, here's three reasons to catch up and tune in for the second series too...

1. There are no perfect characters. If you're over the whole New Girl-esque, cutesy, adorkable portrayal of women on TV this is your new jam. Everyone in it is flawed, with an intriguing back story and the potential to be completely hideous. There's nothing idealistic about any of its characters - you feel dislike, love, disgust and empathy for all of them almost all the time and best of all, everyones' story lines are full of surprises.

2. It has an incredible cast. You've got Taylor Schilling, who plays entitled, spoiled and selfish Piper so well. Then Jason Biggs as her boyfriend on the outside who is self-pitying and proving himself to be a terrible prospective husband. Taryn Manning is incredible as drug-addict-turned-evangelist Tiffany Doggett and Kate Mulgrew as prison top dog Red is extraordinary.

3. It's a female-led drama that's not about how the cast looks. Okay, I know this sounds stupid, but this is seriously rare. With most programmes that centre around women, there's usually a lot of discussion about what they wear, rather than the issues they deal with or key relationship dynamics. A prison setting takes aesthetic out of the equation and trust us, it makes everything a whole lot more interesting.

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