Travel: 10 Amazing Trips To Add To Your Bucket List

Which Of These Destinations Have You Ticked Off Your Bucket List?
B.Aa. Sætrenes via Getty Images

There are two fantastic reasons to update your travel bucket list today.

Firstly, the act of producing a list is a great boost to your wellbeing.

Experts agrees that externalising your thoughts and putting them into order is an excellent way of reducing stress, boosting brain power, improving your sense of focus, increasing your self esteem and organising your mind.

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Secondly, going on holiday gives people the opportunity to reconnect with themselves and what they can achieve.

Jessica de Bloom, a researcher in health psychology at Radboud University in the Netherlands said to The Telegraph:

"Vacations give people the opportunity to (re)connect to family, partner and friends. They help us to ‘refill our batteries’, remain productive and perform on high levels.

"The fact that the after-effects are short-lived only emphasises that we should go on a vacation more frequently in order to keep our levels of health and wellbeing high.”

In a recent blog for the Huffington Post UK, Dr Linda Papdopoulos, psychologist, agrees that holidays are absolutely vital to our psychological and even physiological well being - and that there's a good reason that holidays are inbuilt into every single culture in the world.

"We need to remember that we are human beings, not human doings", she says.

"We need time to relax, to unwind, to get out of a routine. While people are creatures of routine, they need a period of time where there aren't any 'shoulds', or 'have-tos' or 'musts.' People that take regular breaks and time out to spend with their partners, or children, are likely to have better self-care skills - to eat better, to sleep better."

So could these 10 holidays transform your life today?


10 Amazing trips to add to your bucket list