Rita Ora Whips Her Clothes Off To Reveal Calvin Klein Underwear During G-A-Y Performance (PICS)

Rita Ora gave fans a treat when she performed at G-A-Y on Saturday night, when she stripped off to her underwear on stage.

The star was celebrating the fact her infectious new single ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ had just been released when she whipped her clothes off and revealed her Calvin Klein undies to club-goers who were watching her live performance.

Rita Ora strips to her underwear during a performance at G-A-Y

For her club appearance, Rita pulled out the big guns - no, not like that - with confetti being showered over the crowds and even a surprise guest in the form of her celeb pal Lindsay Lohan, who was spotted watching her set from the side of the stage.

Considering what a raunchy show Rita ended up putting on, it’s surprising to see that she actually began her performance dressed fairly demurely, in a full suit including a shirt and tie.

Rita in her suit earlier in the night

All we can say is that the stage at G-A-Y must be one of the hottest venues around, as Miley Cyrus had performed there a night earlier and seemingly couldn’t keep her clothes on either.

Miley was in London already, having kicked off her controversial ‘Bangerz’ tour earlier in the week and sparking outrage with her onstage shenanigans - and her G-A-Y performance was no different.

Meanwhile, Rita has previously revealed that she’s hoping the release of ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ would be able to knock her boyfriendCalvin Harris’s single ‘Summer’ from the top of the UK chart.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora Style Evolution

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