From Katie Price And Peter Andre To Madonna And Guy Ritchie: Messiest Celeb Divorces

Messiest Celebrity Divorces

We do love a celeb romance - the veiled Twitter flirting, the over-the-top weddings, the ridiculous baby name choices - so we always take it to heart when a famous couple go their separate ways… particularly when the split is less than amicable.

No, divorce is rarely a pretty sight, and when you throw in two (or sometimes more…) celebrity egos, it can be a real car-wreck.

Famous divorced couples

Sadly, not everyone deals with the end of a relationship as maturely as the recently-’uncoupled’ Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow, with some of the messiest divorces in celeb history playing out right in front of our eyes, whether it be over cheating allegations on social media or rumours that one party is gunning for more money in the divorce proceedings.

From Madonna and Sean Penn to Katie Price and Peter Andre, here are a selection of some of our most jaw-dropping and talked-about celebrity divorces...

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