Sex Disasters: Woman Who Used Exploding Candy On Her Genitals Ends Up In A&E

Like vacuum cleaners and hamsters, fizzing candy is one of those objects that shouldn't be experimented with. As this poor lady found out, when she was trying to have sex with her partner on a long-awaited night off from the kids, it can go horribly wrong.

The woman from Newport Beach, US, figured that using 'Pop Rocks', a type of exploding candy, thought it would shake things up. Unfortunately, she experienced a burning and itching sensation that just wouldn't quit.

In the video, which is half soft porn, half Benny Hill sketch, her beleaguered partner attempts to put water on it which only makes things worse.

On TLC's Sex Sent Me To The Emergency Room, physician David Meyers said that he was stunned and that the woman revealed it was all her idea. We feel there is much to learn from this.