UFO Flies Through US Man's Window: Was It Space Junk, A Plane Part Or... What?

A UFO Just Smashed Through This Man's Front Window

A man in the United States says that he was sitting quietly watching TV when a UFO smashed through his window and landed in his TV.

Bob Urman from Saint Paul, Minnesota, said that the strange object flew so fast that it broke through his double pane window, broke glass all over the floor and was so hot that it burned his carpet.

And now some are speculating that the object really did come from space, and might have been a piece of junk falling out of orbit onto the Earth.

"It scared the living heck out of me," said Urman, according to Kare11.

"I just stood there I was stunned."

Apparently the object was still so hot that police couldn't pick it up when they arrived.

For his part, Urman thinks it came from a plane flying overhead. Police say it's more likely to be part of a car. But the object's temperature implies it might have weirder origins, and could have once been part of an orbiting spacecraft (though it's odd it didn't burn up on reentry).

Either way, it's now up to the local St Paul police to figure it out.

"When I was sitting here and I was trembling, I thought, what does it take to get to 81 you know."


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