Zip World Zipwire In Snowdonia Lets You Fly Off A Mountain. Kind Of.

There's a place in Wales where you can fly through the air at 100mph while you gaze down onto a azure-blue lake 500ft below amongst one of the most stunning landscapes in the country.

Sound a bit... made-up?

Well it's not. That place is Zipworld in Snowdonia, home to Europe's longest zipwire at around a mile long and bookable through

Just after arriving with 'the mountain' behind us

But let's not get ahead of ourselves, there's plenty to do before you get tied in.

First up is just getting to Snowdonia - a seven-hour round trip on the train from London but as train journey's go, it's certainly one of the nicest as you take in the Welsh coast and countryside.

Upon arrival we're greeted by the mountain from which we shall leap over the tiered, man-made lake hewn from the slate earth that this area of the UK is famous for.

First up is the 'Little Zipper', a mini wire to get you warmed up for the big event and take to the great hunking off-road truck that transports you up the mountain.

In our fetching overalls and ready to go

On the way you get a short history of the slate mine as the view gets ever-more incredible the higher you climb.

Reaching the top reminds you why you should get out of the city as often as you can - the view is phenomenal.

The rather ungainly final result

But enough of that, we came here for a reason. All 1500 metres of it.

Strapped in like Superman, albeit attached to what you hope is a sturdy cable, the view becomes slightly less phenomenal and a little bit more terrifying.

And then you're off.

Unfortunately at this point the GoPro camera I had strapped to me suffered some kind of terminal error so instead of watching me going down, here's Griff Rhys Jones doing it instead...

The experience is pretty spectacular, it's smooth not jerky and there's none of that feeling you're going to lose you stomach like on some thrill rides.

Basically, it feels a lot like you're flying though at some points it's so windy it's hard to believe you're moving at all.

Give it a go. It's over pretty quick but it's well worth it.