Crappiest Proposal Ever: Man Pops The Question In Costa Coffee Shop

Some choose the tops of waterfalls, while others commandeer flashmobs. Some prefer the safe environment of restaurants while others yell it from the highest rooftops.

But never, in the history of HuffPost UK Weddings, have we heard of someone popping the question in a Costa coffee shop.

Peter Crowe surprised Michelle Mills at the chain's St Martin's Quarter branch in Worcester.

The groom's only excuse is that this is where the couple first met, leading us to conclude that we don't know what's worse. That he chose it as the place to ask the woman of his dreams to marry him, or that he picked it as a first date location in the first place.

While the video may look like it happened very spur of the moment, Peter, reported the Worcester News, actually spent a month planning it. A whole month.

During that month, he arranged with manager Dawn Brown that when Michelle returned from the toilet, she would turn the music down and he would propose.

Still, what's important is that Michelle is happy. " "I had no idea whatsoever. It was really, really nice and such a surprise. The staff have seen our relationship progress since we first met at the cafe."

Peter added: " "I was so nervous I nearly didn't go through with it - I'm just so glad she said yes."

Still, it could've been worse. It could've been interrupted by a fight over dog crap.