Jennifer Lawrence Dismisses FHM 'Sexiest Woman' Title, Says Beyoncé 'Rules The World'

Who Does J-Law Think Should Have Been Named 'Sexiest Woman'?

Jennifer Lawrence has dismissed the idea that she is the ‘Sexiest Woman In The World’, insisting instead that the title belongs to Beyoncé.

J-Law was crowned ‘Sexiest Woman’ earlier this year by men’s magazine FHM in their annual countdown, ranking higher than the likes of Rihanna, Kelly Brook and last year’s winner Mila Kunis, while ‘Coronation Street’ actress Michelle Keegan was the highest-ranking Brit, finishing in second place.

Jennifer Lawrence

However, the ‘Hunger Games’ actress clearly doesn’t agree with her position at the top of the list, claiming that the honour should have gone to Beyoncé instead.

She told ET Online at the premiere of her new film ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’: “It's the lie heard around the world. I know the truth. I know Beyoncé is the queen of the world."


Meanwhile her co-star James Marsden was more convinced that she was a deserving winner of the title, explaining: “She's just a normal chick who trips over stuff and blows her nose. And she's beautiful on top of it.”

James certainly wasn’t wrong about the tripping over part, as later that night Jennifer was photographed being helped by assistants after she almost took a tumble while climbing up some steps in high heels.

She previously bit the dust when going up to collect her ‘Best Supporting Actress’ Oscar at the 2013 Academy Awards, while she nearly gave a repeat performance at the same awards ceremony a year later.

Jennifer Lawrence: 100 Sexiest Pics

Jennifer Lawrence: 100 Sexiest Pics

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