Lady Gaga's Boyfriend Taylor Kinney Pinches Her Bum As She Greets 'Little Monsters' In New York (PICS)

Lady Gaga’s boyfriend Taylor Kinney was photographed pinching the star’s bum as she greeted fans outside of her hotel on Tuesday.

Gaga had brought her ‘artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball’ tour, which kicked off last week, to her hometown of New York City, and had gone outside her hotel to meet with the ‘Little Monsters’ who had been waiting outside to meet their idol.

Gaga's cheeky boyfriend goes in for a squeeze

However, while Gaga usually tells her fans “paws up” to get them to show their love for her, we think Taylor must have misheard her as he clearly had a very different idea of where to put his paws.

Thankfully the singer didn’t seem to mind her boyfriend getting up close and personal, and was seen grinning as he walked away from her.

Gaga seems to find the whole thing funny

She also treated her fans by letting them meet the latest addition to her family, her adorable French bulldog, Asia.

The usually outlandish star was, in fact, relatively dressed down as she took photos with her die-hard fans, wearing a checked shirt and a trucker-hat emblazoned with the word ‘Dope’, the title of one of the tracks on her latest album ‘ARTPOP’.

Gaga and her new dog leave their hotel

Meanwhile, Gaga and Taylor have been dating since 2011, when they met on the set of her music video for the song ‘Yoü and I’.

In the video, Taylor plays a mad scientist who seemingly captures Gaga and turns her into one of her many alter-egos, Yuyi the mermaid… so it’s obvious why sparks would be flying on set.

She’s previously revealed that he inspired one of her recent singles ‘Do What U Want’, telling Graham Norton on his talk show: “My boyfriend is super hot and he can do whatever the f*** he wants.”

Alrighty, then...

Lady Gaga's artRAVE Tour

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