Man Records Reactions Of People As He Pretends To Pass Out, Human Race Fails

When filmmaker NorniTUBE decided to record the reactions of people on the street to two very differently dressed versions of himself, we thought so far, so Phonejacker.

But the difference between how they treat someone shabbily dressed - and we use this term loosely as the man is wearing casual clothes, not rags - and when someone is wearing a suit is breathtakingly awful.

In the first half of the video, we see the filmmaker fall to the ground murmuring 'help me'. People look, some studiously avoid him and one older lady goes up to him, thinks better of it and walks off.

When it's time for round two and he falls down wearing a suit, people rush over and pull out their phones and ask him if he's alright.

In comment posts underneath the videos, people have actually written defending the first group who ignored the first man as saying: "If you stopped to help every drunk homeless person it would be a full time job. This guy isn't actually homeless, but there's no shame in assuming based on this information given to you."

Another wrote: " I see it as more of a self-preservation/personal safety issue. Much too convenient and disingenuous for the author of this vid to boil it down to people (probably good and honest) refusing to help because they disgusted by the sight of down-and-out person. It's not that simple."

Is it us, or does this sound seriously messed up? The video wasn't shot in some back end alley but in the wide open space of a metropolis. With plenty of people around, there is little room for danger and at the very least, someone could've called an ambulance.

Called 'The Importance Of Appearances' the video has us shocked, then disgusted and then sad that human beings have become so disconnected, so afraid to help that they would rather a man die in the street than risk two minutes to help him.

What do you think?

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