15/05/2014 06:18 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Fireworks! See Toddler's Amazed Reaction (Video)

This video of a two-year-old boy watching a fireworks display for the first time is sure to make you go 'aww'.

Young Connor had accompanied his dad to the WWE SmackDown wrestling show in Nashville, Tennessee. Professional wrestling being all about spectacle, it was no surprise that organisers chose to kick off the event with some flashy pyrotechnics.

No surprise to anyone except Connor, that is. The toddler had never witnessed a firework display before - and his incredible reaction was caught on camera in this hilarious and adorable video clip.

At first, Connor looks on cautiously, clearly not knowing what to expect. As the blue touch paper is lit, the lad's dad warns him to keep his ears plugged, but all his warnings go out the window the moment the first rocket explodes.

All at once, the anxious expression on the toddler's face disappears, replaced by total shock and wonderment. Connor's mouth drops open and his eyes pop out of his head as the colours of the fireworks light up his face.

It might have been a short show, but in Connor's eyes it was certainly impressive. After just a few seconds of whizz-bangs, he is furiously clapping his hands and screeching at the top of his voice while his dad chuckles in the background.

Videos like these that are a great reminder what it was like to be a kid and experience things for the first time. "I wish i could still get that excited about stuff," muses one YouTube commenter.