15/05/2014 06:19 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Girl, Eight, Watches Video Of Her Own Birth - And She's Awestruck

Watching yourself being born might not be everyone's idea of daytime viewing, but for this eight-year-old girl it was utterly absorbing.

The girl, believed to be from Hungary,was filmed by her mum as she watched footage of her own birth and she is totally awestruck, though it begs the question: would you like your kids to see what they put you through as they came kicking and screaming into the world?

It certainly isn't an experience that seems to have fazed this little girl in any way.

In fact, the opposite. She embraces the miracle of her arrival with smiling fascination, saying to her mum: "That's me - I'm in the movie too!' Awww, I'm so cute!"

She then adds: "This will happen to me when I'm a grown-up too?"

She doesn't even flinch as she watches herself being delivered.

In fact, she looks simply awestruck when her mother says: "See, that's your head!"

At the end of the YouTube clip, the girl's mum cradles her newborn daughter.

The girl jokes: "Sorry Mommy that I did this! I'm very sorry - it was just too dark in your tummy."

Her mum replies: "It's OK. It was worth it."

The clip has had more than 60,000 views so far, with commenters remarking on how emotional the film is.

"I teared up," said one.