'Large Mothership' Caught On Camera By NASA's ISS Live Stream Cameras

On of the most entertaining things to do online if you're a sceptically minded, easily distracted person of science and learning, is to watch those HD live stream cameras Nasa just attached to the Space Station… and then get bored and check Google to see if anyone thinks they've seen a UFO in the footage.

As we reported earlier this week, many, many people think they have.

Needless to say, almost all of these sightings are either incontrovertible bunk, so vague as to be meaningless, or just outright hilarious.

At least this latest one has a sense of ambition.

Posted on UFO Sightings Daily, and captured by the screencap heroes at Streetcap1, the object in question is massive, flat, filled with lights and comes oddly close to the ISS.

To us it looks pretty much like a city or atmospheric lights on the Earth's horizon. To believers, it looks like an alien mothership. Sorry - scratch that, a "large mothership". You know, distinguished from all those regular motherships we see all the time.

Take a look and let us know what you think.